• Brian McCarthy, CFO, Le Masurier Group, Jersey

    Le Masurier Group, a private owned company based in Jersey, Channel Islands,  is active in the Real Estate Business throughout Europe.


    Established in 1835 the Group has primarily invested in commercial Real Estate in Jersey, U.K. and throughout Continental Europe. Le Masurier is one of the largest privately owned Real Estate Companies in Jersey.


    The Group has invested with the support of Axel Froese, approximately € 30 m since 2008 in retail and office properties predominately in Southern Germany


    We have worked since 2008 with Axel Froese in various fields of RE services such as transaction management, (re-) financing and  letting activities. He is overlooking our RE activities in Germany and supports us with RE market information and is working with us to regularly review our strategy for our further activities in Germany.


    We appreciate his diligent approach in dealing for us as foreign investors in Germany. Axel provides clear guidance and is a very experienced RE professional.


  • Dr. Wolfgang Dietz, CEO , Dietz AG, Bensheim

    Dietz AG is a family owned real estate plc run by Dr. Wolfgang Dietz, a son of the founder. Dr. Dietz turned the company in the early 90’s into a plc that has a strong focus on commercial real estate, in particular logistics and offices.


    Since 2002 Dietz AG have completed some € 2.1 bn real estate projects. Assets under management are currently € 1.75 bn, of which ca. € 1.0 bn are direct investments of Dietz AG and € 750 mn co-investments, with both institutional and private investors.

    In 2015 Dr. Dietz co-invested with Dr. Froese in a Joint Venture comprising an off market retail/warehouse portfolio. Within 2 years the entire portfolio had been restructured and sold to investors on property-by-property basis. The entire acquisition, restructuring and sales process was executed by FSK Investment GmbH the investment company of Dr. Froese and his partner Andreas Keßler.


    Dr Dietz comments: “During the course of this 2 year investment period we appreciated the integrity and the professional way in which Dr. Froese worked on our co-investment”.

    We recommend Dr. Froese as an investment partner and look forward to the next investment opportunity.

  • Marc Werner, Hogan Lovells LLP, Partner RE and OMP, Frankfurt

    Hogan Lovells offers unique and first-class trans-Atlantic legal advice, with around 2,500 legal employees and more than 40 offices in the key commercial and financial centers of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the US. As a full-service firm, we advise companies, financial institutions and the public sector in all fields of national and international business law.

    We combine excellent expertise with first-class industry know-how and our geographic reach, experience and size allow us to deploy specialized teams with expertise in various fields of law and business.


    We have worked with Dr. Froese in the real estate sector, especially in the time from 2003 to 2005, in his capacity as Head of European Real Estate Finance Germany of HBoS and managing shareholder of IPAM GmbH. In the course of our relationship, we developed legal due diligence as well as corporate finance solutions for transactions ranging from hotel project financing transactions and high-volume retail transactions to joint venture structures, and successfully implemented these solutions with an investment volume of about € 300 million.

    We have come to know Dr. Froese as a competent and solution-oriented contact person for all aspects of financing and the real estate business. Particular stress should be given to Dr. Froese's ability to analyze risk, including the ability to identify risk, to quantify risk over the course of a real estate transaction and to address risk in such a way as to allow the buyer, the seller and the bank to successfully implement the transaction.


  • Joachim Stumpf, Managing Shareholder of BBE Handelsberatung GmbH

    BBE Handelsberatung GmbH, based in Munich and with offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Erfurt, has been advising commercial enterprises of all sizes and forms, purchasing cooperatives, buying and marketing groups and the consumer goods industry, as well as the real estate sector and municipalities, for more than 60 years. Combined with IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH and elaboratum New Commerce Consulting GmbH, the consulting portfolio of its over 100 industry, location, e-commerce and real estate experts extends from strategy development, market and location analyses and image and customer research to project development and center management. Analytical and forecasting methods are constantly optimized, and theory and practice are combined in order to deliver competent recommendations for action.


    Since 2009, we have worked successfully with Dr. Froese in various projects as a consulting firm. His understanding of the client's retail concepts, locations and tenants is of utmost importance for us as a provider of consulting services. Skilled sparring partners like Dr. Froese motivate us to deliver peak performance and are of utmost importance for us a specialized service provider, not only in consulting services, but in the implementation of retail concepts as well. We have come to know Dr. Froese as a skilled client in this regard.


  • Bernd Rosoly, Managing Shareholder,
    MOCUNTIA Property Consulting GmbH


    Mocuntia Property Consulting GmbH is an international and interdisciplinary consulting firm operating in the construction and real estate sector, based in Schondorf am Ammersee, Munich and other locations in Berlin and Hamburg. Its core competence consists of technical asset management services combined with a large number of other technical services, such as transaction management, technical due diligence reports in connection with the acquisition or sale of individual properties or whole portfolios, project management, project development and redevelopment of existing sites. Years of experience with real estate transactions and an outstanding team provide the security of comprehensively evaluating technical risks and opportunities in each transaction and delivering sustainable solutions.




    Since 2006, we have had a trusting relationship with Dr. Froese in the field of technical due diligence services, a relationship which became even stronger with the formation of MOCUNTIA Property Consulting GmbH in the year 2009.

    Together, we have successfully executed transactions involving multi-family homes, office complexes and retail centres in volumes of more than € 200 m.

    Without years of experience in the assessment of buildings and fundamental expertise in structural engineering and technical building equipment, real estate transactions are an incalculable risk.

    Dr. Froese has a pronounced analytical understanding for the links between technical and economic risks:

    Technical risks are classified and assigned a market price, which is documented in the sales contract, legally and economically, in such a way as to be transparent for all involved and therefore feasible.

  • Nick Kirk, Managing partner, Aslan Investment Ltd., London

    Aslan Investment Ltd. Is a Family Office from London, U.K., managed by Nick Kirk.